​​​​​​​Curb Appeal Landscape Design

The Art of Horticulture



Whether re-designing an entire existing property, the blank palette of new construction, or a specific project area, we are enthusiastic about each project regardless of size or budget, commercial or residential. We design simple perennial gardens, theme gardens, courtyards, memorial gardens, foundation plantings, neighborhood entranceways,  office buildings, commercial properties. We incorporate not only plant materials but also lighting, water features, statues, outdoor kitchens, hardscape, decks, seating - just about anything you have as a vision, we can design it. 

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at the design process and services provided.


A plant material quote can be developed upon completion of the design. This price will  include the cost of the plant materials, personal selection and delivery of the plants to your property, as well as placing them in the proper locations to be planted. The fee for this service is dependent on the quantities of plant materials. Please note that Curb Appeal is not responsible for theft, damages, or loss of plant viability once we leave the property.


You always have options. Have a green thumb? We'll provide the plan and you can install it yourself.

Or if you don't have the interest or time, Curb Appeal will be happy to provide a quote for

installation of the design. 

We partner with a variety of qualified, professional contractors for features such as fencing, irrigation, water features, landscape lighting, decks and pergolas, pools, tree removal, etc. so you can be assured that the design we provide will be installed correctly and professionally.

With each installation we provide Care Instructions for your new plant materials.

Afterall you want to protect your investment!

Because Curb Appeal hand selects plant materials from reputable nurseries, that plant materials are thriving at the time of planting, our experience with installations, and care of the plant materials after installation are beyond our control, Curb Appeal provides no warranty or guarantee on plant materials.


We are also available to coordinate the entire project if you prefer, by contacting and meeting with sub-contractors to receive estimates, assist you in choosing your sub-contractors, and oversee the construction throughout the project until completion. We will ensure that the design is installed correctly. The fee for this service is at an hourly rate of $35 per hour including travel time.


Twice a year we can ensure your new design is at its best with Spring cleanup and Winter preparation.  These services including pruning, mulching or pine needling, plant division, fertilization of plants, edging, and seasonal color installation. The fee for this service is dependent on the size of the property

and materials required.


​​problem areas

Do you have drainage issues? Wanting to block a neighboring view?

Are plants not thriving? Needing to control sun and wind exposure?

Outdoor living

Perhaps you have always wanted a patio for entertaining

or a cozy courtyard to drink your morning coffee.


Whether inviting guests to your front door , welcoming residents home

in a neighborhood, or attracting customers to your business...proper

design attracts their interest.

theme gardens

Herb gardens, Butterfly gardens, Rock gardens, Formal English

Knot gardens or Informal Cottage gardens...we can do that!


When a loved one passes, whether a family member, friend, or

pet, oftentimes we want a way to stay connected to them . 

Memorial Gardens are a wonderful tribute to their memory.